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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Travalo - A Perfume Lover's Dream

Shopper`s Drug Mart, like many companies has a loyalty points program where you get points through in-store purchases on pretty much anything in the store, including prescription drugs. They have even come out with a rewards points bank account with the Royal Bank of Canada. So of course, I had to get that since this is pretty much my favourite local store!

On one of my recent trips to Shoppers, I discovered they had a Spend Your Points bonus event going on. Normally, I could spend 22,000 points and receive $30 free, BUT last time, they were offering a $20 bonus! So I used my points to pick up some cream blushes for a beauty swap I am working on with a friend in the US, and picked up 2 bottles of CoverFX brush cleaner (which I love because it has Tea Tree Oil in it, rather than alcohol as a sterilizer, which helps keep your brushes nice and healthy). I also grabbed some more disposable eye shadow applicators for my Mary Kay kit, and THEN I saw the Travalo.

The Travalo is a mini perfume atomizer. You simply take the spray top off your perfume and stick this little guy on top and pump perfume into it until it`s full. It`s purse sized, and airline friendly. This is awesome because now I can take my favourite perfume - Viva La Juicy - anywhere I go and don`t have to risk breaking the gorgeous bottle. It is also much lighter than the bottle, so I`m not carrying a loaded weapon in purse form! (Ok maybe I am with everything ELSE that`s in there, but you know what I mean!)

They also come in a huge selection of colours  and prints, so there is pretty much something for everyone - including men! I`m actually thinking of getting one of these for my husband as a stocking stuffer because often when we travel for a weekend, we like to pack light, and his full-sized bottles of Polo are certainly not light. Not to mention, we live in the mountains, so traveling up and down the different altitudes messes with the bottle pressure and leaks perfume/cologne into our bags.

If I remember correctly, one of this will run you around $10 or $12, but for the convenience of being able to use your perfume on the go, and saving yourself from potentially breaking a MUCH more expensive bottle, I think this is an excellent investment!

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